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5 Stunning Venues For Your Victoria Golf Course Wedding

I should start by saying that as I used to be a wedding coordinator at a golf club in Victoria (I won’t say which one) and got married at one so I have a bit of a bias for golf club weddings.  Usually after you get engaged one of the first things you need to nail down (besides the bride’s dress!) is the venue.  Venues book over a year out and certain weekends in the summer tend to be more popular than others.
What I found in my previous job was that most people liked the idea of being able to have their ceremony and reception in one place, and usually having packages that include most amenities and the beautiful surroundings for photos.  The one negative thing I also came to realize is that many of the golf club venue’s do not have a “plan B” for their outdoor ceremonies.  So if the weather does not cooperate (as often happens in Victoria) if your guests number over roughly 75 people you’ll be stuck out in the rain.  I say 75 people as it seems some of the venues may have an extra smaller space to accommodate an indoor reception at last minute but normally they are much smaller areas.  Just something to think about.
So without further ado, in no particular order, I have listed below the golf courses/clubs in Victoria that are best for your wedding venue.

Royal Colwood Golf Club

Established in 1913 and located approximately 20 minutes from downtown Victoria, Royal Colwood Golf Club has been hosting Victoria BC weddings for decades.  One of the nicest things about getting married at Royal Colwood Golf Club is they have several excellent wedding packages that simplify your planning and they’re flexible with those packages, so that you can build something that works for you and your budget (do you need chair covers, projector, etc.?).  They can accommodate up to 160 people for a sit down banquet-style reception and the food at Royal Colwood Golf Club is exceptional.  The current clubhouse opened in 1993 and underwent significant renovations in 2013 to celebrate their centenary.

If you are having your reception at Royal Colwood Golf Club, you can also have your ceremony on-site.  The cost of this is a very reasonable $500.  There are two newer hotels close by, the Four Points by Sheraton and the Holiday Inn Express & Suites.  Both hotels are approximately a 3-5 minute drive from the club.  The Westin Bear Mountain Resort is also close by, approximately 12 minutes away.

Olympic View Golf Club

Located approximately 30 minutes from downtown Victoria, Olympic View Golf Club offers a great facility and stunning setting for a Victoria BC wedding venue.  The golf course and clubhouse opened in 1990 and are on the newer side compared to most golf courses in Victoria.  They offer some great wedding packages and one of the nicest things about getting married at Olympic View Golf Club is that they will happily allow you to take wedding photos on the golf course, including the stunning waterfall backdrop on the 17th hole.

The reception hall is large and overlooks the golf course.  There was an area set up specifically for the cake, a table for gifts and a great focal point for the head table.  Also included was a substantial buffet dinner and bartender.  I believe the only thing my brother in law had to provide was specialty linens, centerpieces and chair covers. The service was great also, with the catering staff being prompt and efficient.  Parking here was also free.

Victoria Golf Club

Victoria Golf Club, established in 1893, is the oldest golf course in Victoria.  Its seaside location is absolutely stunning, overlooking the Juan de Fuca strait and the snow-capped Olympic Mountains.  The clubhouses’ facilities and surroundings are spectacular and offer the elegance of old-world charm.  This beauty comes with a fairly sizable price tag – an outdoor wedding ceremony at Victoria Golf Club will set you back $2,500, and that’s on top of the cost of the reception and catering.  Another thing to consider is that Victoria Golf Club is a seaside golf course, so the any outdoor ceremony could potentially be windy.  Brides and bridesmaids should consider an updo if they are getting married at Victoria Golf Club.

Uplands Golf Club

Uplands Golf Club, like Victoria and Royal Colwood Golf Clubs is a private club.  Also like the other private clubs no membership is required to hold your ceremony or reception here.   They offer substantial wedding dinner options, at slightly a higher price due to their location and prestige.  The course itself is one of the older ones, being established in 1922, the current clubhouse was built in 1995.  The clubhouse and event space is very large at 8500+ square feet, so even receptions numbering in the hundreds can be accommodated.  The banquet space is divided up into five different spaces of which each is subject to their own rental fee.

Bear Mountain Resort & Golf Club


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